Making Montreal: A Documentary

by Roxane Hudon

Last Winter, for my Advanced TV class in Concordia Journalism, I worked with 11 other girls on a 40-minute documentary. It was a very, very (very) ambitious project; the basic idea was that we would make a film about Montreal and its changing landscape. We ended up interviewing a whooooooole lot of fascinating people who showed us that people fight for this city and always have.
We decided to go for the activism angle and try to show how the citizens have shaped and are still shaping our city. Of course, we only had two months to put it all together, so it’s not perfect. We wanted to continue working on it after, but the fascists at Concordia really wanted us to remove all our files from the computer before a certain date (because it really bothered them that it would occupy a computer for AN ENTIRE SUMMER during which..there is NO SCHOOL)  and, considering our file was so huge, we didn’t have time to transfer all of our stuff to continue editing. Still, I still think we did a pretty good job, considering the task we assigned ourselves and we put a whole lot of heart into it. If we had had more time working on the idea, we would have probably ended up focusing a bit more, but each girl fell a little bit in love with the person that she chose to interview and we really wanted to include them all. The doc is fragmented into different parts, because poor Jill who was rushing to burn it didn’t have enough space to put the entire file on one DVD. It still works though. Enjoy

Part I

Part II

Part III A.

Part III B.

The Team:

Roxane Hudon, Jillian Kestler-D’Amours, Shawn Thompson, Clare Raspopow, Gaelle Engelberts, Savika Fowsar, Kim Somers, Charlène Lusikila, Maria Tomlinson, Ziona Eyob, Rebecca Munroe and Farah Hayat

The Interviewees:

Susan D. Bronson, Dinu Bumbaru, Velma Candyass, Jeffrey Dungen, Luc Gagnon, Freda Guttman, Malcolm Guy, Lili Jeté, Anna Kruzynski, Sean Mills, Luc Noppen and Samuel Tétreault

Not included in doc, but still interviewed: Louis Rastelli, Emilie Laliberté, Éric Paradis, Aaron Lakoff


1 Comment on Making Montreal: A Documentary

  1. One of the best Montreal (video) great Feel! Thanks. 🙂

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