One Must Not Go Altogether with the Tide and The Streaming Voices of Choice

By Katie Heffring

(for st and rh)


Embracing the inner freedom

the inner being released in every

answer, movement

without reaction, separated

from the past and future as if

time was, is, will never

be a single straight-line projection.

One moment not related to another.

Is this acting without thought, but on pure feeling


Will then what it is to have compassion, empathy,

wisdom be lost or nonexistent?

Impossible.  Connection is all powerful.

You know

something someone at sometime did

affects me and my decisions now. Hours, days, years later


No. Come on. That’s your choice.


That’s what thought is, own thought,

individual thought.

Opening the doors someone else closed in

your mind.

Take a minute.

Who do I want to be? And is it possible to

live that way in this world? Maybe.

Be happy then? That’s another thing, but

Yes. I believe so.

That’s your choice. YOUR CHOICE.


Stop pretending. Stop pretending to

be someone you’re not.

Yeah! Haha! You’re not even aware of it, but

you are.

As soon as you held that penny in your hand

you were bought and sold.

So what am I saying then? Huh? Everyone’s a sucker?

No.  Not if you’re aware.

Sure there’s got to be

laws and regulations and restrictions blah blah blah

But things are not black and white, man, you know,

so stop thinking that they are.

Did you know beautiful things can come out from Hell?

Effective affective

Connective directive

Collective objective

Subjective perspective

Respective reflective

Affective effective

Perspective Perspective

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