“Reasonable Force” and Another Failure for Conventional Journalism

by Roxane Hudon

I’m not going to go on about the failures of old-fashioned, outdated, conventional journalism; this type of discussion now feels like a piece of old gum that I’m stuck chewing on, because there’s no garbage in sight.
I know the importance of people who must keep a certain distance from a situation in order to properly gather all facts and summarize it in a cohesive manner for the greater public, but let’s just go ahead and call that “print journalism.” TV and Radio journalists seriously need to find the Reset button. The Guardian wrote this article about an Egyptian cameraman. Imagine this footage interrupted by a narration, or a silly man in a suit standing in front giving you his take on the situation. Granted, it’s in Arabic, but definitely the most powerful footage I’ve seen about the socalled use of “Reasonable Force.”

“The distinction between activist and journalist is one that doesn’t concern him; he also dismisses any claims to heroism, shuffling uncomfortably whenever passersby stop to offer praise.”

3 Comments on “Reasonable Force” and Another Failure for Conventional Journalism

  1. Hi, this Video “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw9ektvAIo4” is a simple document of what happened on the land of Egypt, Port Said and then the escalation of events and the state of popular anger at the complicity of Interior security forces responded to this public anger gas cartridge and also in light of the complicity of Congress a majority in Parliament
    Glory to the martyrs Alaoltras

  2. Hi, this is Mostafa Bahgat. Your post really made my day. I am humbled by your comments and I appreciate solidarity you’re giving to us in our long struggle against police brutality and militarism. I wanted to tell you that a friend volunteered and translated the video and you can have a look at it with English subtitles at this link http://wilyawil.com/en/2011/11/video-battle-of-mohamed-mahmoud-street/

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