In the Desert

By Katie Heffring


In the Desert

There is Nothing

And there is Everything


Standing in the middle of a vast mountainless plain called the Desert

In the sweltering heat

With hardly any clothes on

And no weapon or tool

With no water no food no shelter

Just you

And the Desert

How would you survive?

Not the next minute

Or hour or day

But how would you survive that

Undetermined length of time

You are set

To survivie

If suddenly you transposed

Right now

At this very moment


To the middle of the Desert

What would you do?

Look around

There is not a single soul

To hold your hand

Not a single soul

To hug and feed your


“Everything’s gonna be alright.”

Look around

Money, power, politics

Wheeling and dealing

Sharing and caring

Are not going to help you out here

In the Desert

When it’s just you and

Not a single soul

So what are you going to do?

Just lay down and die?

While the sun and heat ooze every last bit of water out from your body

While your skin blisters and boils during the day then screams in burning agony during the night

Would you crumble to the ground and say,

“I give in”?

Is it hopeless?

Or would you dig a little


Find out what’s making any

Life left in this desolate place called the Desert


And if the land is barren

Totally dried and fried

All life

Completely sealed under

Great depths of Earth

Would you dig even deeper

To survive?


I believe

You would survive

That is not

The Question

The Question is:

How would you survive?

Fighting for Life? Or

Waiting for Death?


In the Desert

There is Nothing

And there is Everything

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