10 best city, town, village or community names in Ontario

by Kevin Sexton


This list has very little to do with 2012 in particular, but that’s beside the point. Ever since I made the drive from Toronto to the Michigan border, amusing myself with increasingly absurd names of Ontario towns, I’ve been waiting for an excuse to share some of them.

Included are fun facts about all 10 places.

10. Turkey Point

On Wednesday, August 8th, 2012, this beach town had a “Texas Sausage on a Bun Night.”

9. Omemee

An Ojibwa word for pigeon.

8. Kitchenuhmaykoosib

Held a nightly square dancing/jigging contest from August 6-11, 2012.

7. McCrackens Landing

A great place to dock your boat! (Winterizing option available)

6. Moose Factory

Became Fort St. Louis when captured by the French in 1686. Then in 1696, it was burnt down by the English, which must have seemed like a bad idea after they moved back in.

5. East Gwillimbury
The Golden Anchor Senior Citizens Club hosts carpet bowling at the Holland Landing Community Centre every Friday afternoon at 1:00 pm.

4. Burford

Formerly a prosperous tobacco farming area, trends towards healthiness have ruined the local economy.

3. Pain Court

Though it looks super cool in English, this is actually a French name, given by greedy Catholic missionaries who were unimpressed with the small loaves of bread they were offered.

2. Puslinch

The name of this township, which makes me want to vomit, was the name of Lieutenant Governor’s wife Elizabeth Yonge’s house in England.

1. Bonar Law

I can only hope that I’m pronouncing this one properly. I don’t know, because they don’t have a website.

There were so many good choices, I have to include the runner-ups:

Adolphustown, Bailieboro, Bannockburn, Bell Ewart, Burgoyne, Dalrymple, Government Landing, Holtyre, Macdiarmid, Manitouwadge, Migisi Sahgaigan, Mishkeegogamang, Ostryhon Corners, Pleasantville, Sawlog Bay, Uptergrove, Wabigoon

Another great reason to visit Ontario!

1 Comment on 10 best city, town, village or community names in Ontario

  1. You’re missing Swastika. Friendly, open-minded people I hear… not that I know anyone who made it back.

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