Overheard at Expozine 2014


Expozine is a strange and smelly breeding ground for strange and smelly people mainly looking for three things: cats, politics and vaginas. If they’re lucky, they’ll find all three. We kept our ear to the wind in order to bring you bigger and better Ballz next time. Here’s what we found out:


– My book sold all over the world.

– I wish there was a fast lane with no people.

– My partner is First Nations. Would he be offended if I put this in his stocking?

– Sometimes, you just gotta shut up.

– Personne n’a jamais été aussi proche de mes fesses pendant aussi longtemps.

– My publisher gave me a per diem – thank God!

– L’année prochaine, on mettra des queues et des chiens.

– La politique anti-raciste, c’est nul.

– Are you a collective? Well, we’re people…

– I don’t want anything that costs more than $20 and I don’t want anything that’s been mass photocopied. – a girl who knows what she wants.

– A fascist once told me to start stapling.

– How do you spell ‘stapling’?

– This is an annual thing, this is an annual thing.

– My friend was MCing this post-rock show.

– Vous êtes comme Wal-Mart.

– I don’t get it.

– Y’avait un peu l’air beau en dessous du maquillage.

– It’s funny: the web world is meeting the real world.

– This festival doesn’t filter cultural appropriation like the Anarchist Book fair.

– There’s a booth over there called Chicks and MILFS, that’s really offensive. – a male activist.

– Him: I was looking for posters

Me: I just do words

Him: I do posters in the morning, words at night…and pictures during the day. We’d get along great at night

– Are you open to trades? No, I need to make money.

– It’s a sticker…that’s really sweet!

– What’s after this? Reggies?

– I’m working on a book of short stories to be published in 2016.

– Those are the last 2 Wendy’s! You just made it!

– J’ai l’impression de manger du carton mouillé avec des tomates dessus.

– Who’s that guy that’s Laura’s friend? He was like: ‘buy this, it’s one buck’

– What would your slogan be for a TV show? ‘Trainwrecks’? ‘Writers/Friends’? …or what about… just ‘Straight Up Depressed’! HAHA THAT’S HILARIOUS!

– I’m afraid time is ticking and I haven’t seen everything yet, but I think I have some change. Yay! I do! And you get a 5 cent bonus…and some pocket lint!


Next year, we promise beautifully-bound cats and vaginas galore!

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