Bad Netflix: The Overnight

Will they or won't they?

Bad Netflix: bad reviews of forgettable films.

“I just didn’t want to watch it” – my boyfriend

“Tout le monde est à un compliment d’être gai” – my friend

The Overnight can be found nestled amidst the depressing selection of comedies “suggested for me” by Netflix, somewhere beside Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland and the Rihanna-voiced cartoon Home. Its appeal lies in the fact that it teases a possible foursome between two babely blondes (Taylor Schilling and Judith Godrèche) and two funny-looking funny men (Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman). This is the main reason you’d play it, really, other than it looks like a mildly-amusing comedy catering to a Sundance crowd (Duplass brothers cred included), and that it’s Friday afternoon and you have no idea what could follow up your viewing of Krampus, a terrible Christmas horror movie your pal really wanted to watch months after Christmas.

Directed by Patrick Brice (Creep), the film opens with an awkward sex scene between Schilling and Scott, both still wearing t-shirts and having to finish the sesh’ with a wee bit of solo wanking action. Later, at a birthday party in the park, their kid befriends the child of a bohemian-looking man (Schwartzman) who promptly invites them over to pizza dinner. The premise seems based on some kind of fantasy imagined by really bored parents. Obviously, Schwartzman is an eccentric rich man who lives in a lavish mansion with a gorgeous French wife and dabbles in abstract butthole painting. Meanwhile, Scott and Schilling fill the roles of “every parent,” kinda lame and awkward, not too sure about skinny-dipping. They drink loads, get high and dance about, while weird things are thrown in, like disproportionate prosthetic penises and massage parlour handjobs.

Thankfully, Brice doesn’t pull you along for too long – the film clocks in at about 80 minutes, but it’s 80 minutes spent really hoping for a bizarre foursome to just happen already, or at least, a couple of laughs along the way. And does it occur? Ah! That would spoil you the pleasure of an 80-minute coitus interruptus! This falls neatly into that category of mumblecore-type films where nothing really happens, except for people just “being real,” but also, unnecessarily socially awkward and uncomfortably odd. If you’re suburban parents looking to experiment by watching something in which dudes kiss, but not quite ready for the full-on gay porn plunge, go on and put it on “Your List” for one of those nights you pretend to know what “Netflix and Chill” even means.

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