Montreal Mirror Articles-Roxane Hudon

Montreal Mirror was shut down in June 2012, by its corporate overlords Quebecor who graciously wiped all our stuff from the Internet. Here are some of my old articles I salvaged.

News and stuff

Wapikoni Mobile

Expozine-10th Anniversary

Warner Bros. Studios moving in

Chris Hedges

Noisemaker 2012-Sach Baylin-Stern

Noisemaker 2012-Kirsten Rasmussen

Noisemaker 2011-Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy Network

Noisemaker 2011-Beaver Sheppard

Noisemaker 2011-Tim Kelly

Festival Voix D’Ameriques


Beats, Rhymes and Life: A Tribe Called Quest

Présence Autochtone

Cars 2

21 Jump Street or the time I had to apologize to my editors and some PR peeps…okay, one of the times.

Jane Eyre

W.E: Madonna’s W.E + RCVQ and This Means War


Claude Legault

SPASM-10th Anniversary


One For The Money

The Grey

Glee Concert Film+ Sur Le Rythme

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2


The Hunger Games + Casa de mi Padre

The Art of Getting By+ Mr Poppers Penguins + Gerry


Cock N Bull: or the first article I was pretty proud of and yes, it’s about a bar.

Havana: or the time Havana Club paid me to go hang out in Havana for a week and drink their rum.

Cavalia: Odysseo: or the time my editor told me to go “do my thing” at a horsey show.

Silly Book Reviews: The Go-To Girl for Shit Books

Jay-Z Decoded

The Beaver: definitely NSFW…the one article I wrote my mom never commented on. I may have had a chance at a “career” with this erased from the Internet, but that’s no fun now, is it?

VAGINA I agreed to review a bunch of dating books only if the headline of the article would be “VAGINA!”

Harry Potter and Philosophy


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